color matching

Color Matching

Fanavaran can create custom color and additive Masterbatches every time for customer requests. Our expertise color specialists know exactly how to make your color or by devices such as spectrophotometer we can do this well.Fanavaran can provide new colors according to your order and offers you individual solutions and comprehensive range of services.

technical support

Technical support

The service sector of our company is at the ready for any help to customers from first requirement, providing innovative solutions, to the market and more. Fanavaran company give you assurance of technicalsupport including equipment calibration, flow analysis, addition-rate validation and even our team can presentwhere you need them to help you and solve your problems.

formulation consulting

Formulation Consulting

Color and additives formulations must be carefully chosen for compatibility with the polymer and many other factors. We provide thousands of white, black, color and additive Masterbatch formula. Fanavaranexperiencesin formulationled to provide cost efficient products and improve the required quality. Our formulation consulting service is at the ready for any help to our customer to have desirable required products. We try to solve industrial problems, we can design the best formulation related to your products so that they have better processing and increase production rate without presence of any defects.

color trendy

Color trendy

Ourcolor trending service, develop new colors according to society culture and forecast its influences on color trends in plastics. The aim of this part is attractiveness and popularity so that designers try to convince marketers to adapt our new product to their own designs.