Color and additive Masterbatches of Fanavaran are used in lots of plastics packaging such as industrial, flexible and rigid packaging. Applications include packaging for food, beverage and fruit,electronics, home and consumer care, shopping bags, bottles, containers, durable industrial drums and etc. Polyethylene is the dominant packaging polymer, used for high-volume supermarket bags, food packaging and rubbish sacks. Polypropylene is preferred for the more specialized role of packaging industrial goods.

Cost and performance are critical elements in industrial packaging and FanavaranMasterbatches, increase performance to cost ratio of products. Thus they have desirable processing and quality in addition it’s economical to use them. We also provide design and production guidance that cause:

  • differentiate products
  • limit environmental impact
  • shortening time to market
  • lower use of plastics in packaging
  • preserve the product from physical-chemical and microbiological deterioration


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